Mirtehof Guesthouse

Whenever I can travel to the southern Cape, I jump at the opportunity. Recently I visited the charming Karoo town of Prins Albert and treated myself to five star accommodation in the beautiful Mirtehof guest house. 

It is named after the plant, myrtle, also mentioned in the Bible. The owners wanted to, over and above the exquisitely decorated rooms, offer guests a tranquil garden. Please understand that the Karoo is an arid area with very low rainfall, so laying out a garden that wins awards, was an ambitious project. 

Walking through the beautiful section of the property, you understand how important irrigation is and planting plants that require the same amount of water. Tranquil areas are created inside the gardens so you can take your book and simply forget your worries.

Breakfasts at Mirtehof is absolutely delicious and definitely the highlight of my stay. The freshly baked lemon scones served with pure honey, makes every other breakfast you’ve ever eaten, pale in comparison.

If your travels ever bring you to the southern parts of South Africa, make a point of visiting Mirtehof.